Onward and Upside Down

My last challenge was easy at first, frustrating for a while, then I pushed through and it got easy and even a little empowering. I find I feel much more feminine and strong and comfortable in my own skin.

I ended up losing 10lbs, 2inches around, and a bra size(which if you know me, I was kind of excited about. Big boobs can be highly overrated). Taking time on myself turned out to be an amazing experience. When friends and family learned I had lost 10lbs they wanted to know what I did differently. Was it a diet? Not really, no. I did snack less. And I certainly exercised more. Allowing myself to take a little time to think about myself in the morning gave me the freedom to say, hey I deserve some me time to work out a little and clear my head. Not to mention that when you’re trying to lose weight and work out 90% of the work is mental. You have to decide you want it, you can do it, and you deserve it.

I wore jeans today. Its been rainy and yucky and jeans seemed like nice around the house lounging attire. But mostly I’m still in dresses. I feel flirty and pretty. What girl doesn’t want to feel that way?

So on to the next goal!

This year my one and only new years resolution was to be able to do a hand stand. I broke my left ring finger in april and am just now cleared to do whatever again.. But its month 7 and still no handstand.

I have enlisted my friend who teaches gymnastics and plan to talk to my yoga instructor, between those two it shouldn’t be much longer till I’m walking around on my hands!

Stay tuned for pictures!


About mlown

I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend, martial arts teacher, yoga student... I, like everyone else, where several different hats and am learning how to navigate through life balancing everything.
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