Who’s wearing the pants? Submission- an unexpected side effect.

I’m coming to the end of week two of no pants and I have to say this last week has gotten a little harder. I think that’s mostly because I’ve run out of dresses now and had to cycle through some again. I need to get sewing! I have a few projects and I know if I finish them it will make this more fun again.

But the best thing about this week is what its started in my relationship with my husband. It’s not the dresses but the way I feel in dresses. I feel delicate, feminine, relaxed. This week my husband has decided to take over our finances. I had started paying things and keeping track of what was due when and what was coming in when I started staying home. It seemed easier to both of us at the time for me to keep track of everything since I was home and had the time to do it. But there is something I have learned about myself since I got married- I really really like to feel in charge of things. In control. Now I am learning how great it can be to let go. And how incredibly sexy it can be when a man takes charge. There is something incredibly freeing about knowing my husband is taking care of us and I don’t have to worry about anything. I don’t have to think about the phone being paid on time, if we set aside rent money, is this going to be enough for groceries for us? He’s budgeted. He’s got it. There is crazy security in knowing how much he adores and loves his girls and so I trust him entirely to take care of us. I had given him that kind of trust in providing for us and now that he is asking for that in our finances its easier then I thought it would be to say ok and let go of the reigns. I also know that he respects me very much so I in no way feel cut out of our finances. I know that I am still included in making big decisions and he cares what I think. He has just taken on the bulk of the responsibility.

So hey, maybe he’s been thinking of this for a while and it just happens to be coincidence, but I think wearing dresses has put me in a mindset to say yes to being taken care of and letting my husband take leadership. Who knows how else he will take charge or what other changes he might move us towards. Whatever he decides I feel ready to follow his leading knowing that God is in control, that my husband is accountable to Him, and that my husband loves me and only wants the best for our family.


About mlown

I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend, martial arts teacher, yoga student... I, like everyone else, where several different hats and am learning how to navigate through life balancing everything.
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