June- 30 days of Dresses

A couple months ago I was with another mom friend and we were talking about our styles and fashion.

She was talking about how your body changes after you have children making it imperative to change your style too. I found myself saying “uh huh” a lot. You see, my personal “style” is blue jeans. And Tshirts. Maybe a tank top, or some khaki’s every now and then to mix things up. And I wish I could blame that on being a mom, cause I’m sure I could get away with that, however the truth is that I’ve never given too much thought to what my personal style is. My morning routine? Grab a pair of jeans, decide what color I’m in the mood for and then grab a tshirt. I put no effort, thought, or time into what I was going to wear or how I looked. Its a little sad really. And that was before we had our daughter.

So here’s a good question- If I have always been like this and it never bothered me before then what has changed?

I became a mom.

It’s funny to me how expectations changed when we became parents. It’s the things people stopped expecting that really bothered me. Sitting there talking to my friend it suddenly occurred to me that no one cares if I wear jeans and tshirts all the time because I’m a mom. I’m expected to be tired and busy. I dearly appreciate and truly need my friends to be gracious with me on certain days/weeks. But had I given up altogether?  Here my friend was, talking to me about having a little girl and how much fun it is to dress her up, how she’s looking forward to doing nails together with her little girl, playing with her hair, etc. I started thinking about my little girl. My daughter has so much fun trying on shoes, loves it when we do our nails together and has started experimenting with mixing and matching her clothes.

Once upon a time I remember having fun getting dressed. How long ago was that?

 When did I lose that fun and fall into this blue jeans tshirts rut? Is this the message I want to give my daughter? That we grow up quit caring what we look like and give up on ourselves? And then I thought of my husband. Now in all fairness, he dated me while I was firmly in my blue jeans fashion rut and has said he liked that I wasn’t “high maintenance” but maybe he was just being nice? Or maybe has never known me any other way? That thought was a little saddening. I feel I still tried harder to look nice when we were dating and wore something nicer then just jeans here and there. I certainly wore more makeup when we were dating then I have been lately. Suddenly I felt bad. He is committed to me but I want him to desire me, to want to be with me. I would like for him to look over at me and think “Hey, she’s kinda cute!“.  So after that conversation and a lot of thought I came up with an idea- No more jeans. No more tshirts. But I wanted to stay away from focusing on a bunch of don’ts and try to focus on an over all goal to work towards.

What I want For My Daughter:

I want to show her that even as an adult, even as a mommy, you can still have fun dressing up.

What I want For My Husband:

I want for him to know that I’m not “letting myself go” haha. That I still care about trying to look nice for him.

Cause I do.

What I want For Myself:

I want to feel better about myself. I want to spend more time on myself because when I take a little more time to try and look nice I feel… Sassy. Energetic. Confident. Flirty.

And without the crutch of jeans hopefully I will learn more about myself and discover what exactly my “style” truly is.


So, here we go. 30days of no pants, no tshirts. For the whole month of June I will wear dresses or skirts only. Why? Because I want to get waaay out of my comfort zone and push myself. I want to avoid saying “hey, I can’t wear jeans, so I’ll just wear shorts/khakis/etc.” and fall back into the familiar habit of grabbing a pair of pants and a top and throwing it on without thinking of about it.




Week One

Here We go! These are not all of them but just a few of my favorites.

Discovered I LOVE Vintage.

Decided I don’t really like this belted. Maybe I just have the wrong belt? Cause without one it looks like a tent.

Love the color though and the lace detail in the back.

Feeling sassy in Peachy/orange. I love this dress. It is so soft.

Because every dress needs cute shoes!

Now why didn’t anyone ever tell me how comfortable Maxi dresses are?? Its like wearing an adorable comfy nightgown all day. I only have one! But I need to get more because they are amazing, cute and comfortable. Not to mention so easy to move around and play with the toddler while wearing.

Week one has come and gone and was quite a bit easier then I expected it to be!

Looking forward to next week 🙂


About mlown

I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend, martial arts teacher, yoga student... I, like everyone else, where several different hats and am learning how to navigate through life balancing everything.
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